Bickford’s 100% Premium Juice

A Centuary of Purity

Bickford’s premium juice is produced by Bickford’s Company. Bickford was founded in 1839 and its one of Australia’s oldest and most treasured brands. Bickford’s portfolio caters to diverse modern tastes and lifestyles. Their experience extents across a wide variety of individually branded beverages including pure and flavored waters, premium juices, coffee-based beverages and more. Bickford’s 100% Premium Juices are made from super fruits that are packed with natural antioxidants and vitamin C for functional and health benefits. Bickford’s is made from 100% Premium Juices which contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners to deliver a delicious, refreshing, premium juice taste with all-natural goodness.
Currently the Company exports its products in over 34 countries worldwide.

Londou Trading became the exclusive distributor of Bickford’s premium juices in 2018 and since then imports and distributes the products in the Cyprus Market.

Bickford's Presentation
Bickford's Παρουσίαση


Bickford’s 100% Premium Super Berry Antioxidant Juice 1ltr
Bickford’s 100% Premium Pomegranate Juice 1ltr
Bickford’s 100% Premium Prune Juice 1ltr

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