Riso Scotti Drinks

The goodness of rice, ready to drink.

Riso Scotti was founded in 1860 in Marudo Mill, in the heart of the Po Valley in Italy. It is the leader of a team of high-tech companies, some specialized in growing, research and experimentation, others in the manufacture, processing and marketing of rice.
Riso Scotti rice drinks are the market leaders in Italy and nowadays Riso Scotti distributes its products in over 60 countries worldwide, including 23 non-European countries.

Riso Scottis Drinks are based on rice and are a tasty alternative to cow’s milk for people who are lactose intolerant. They are light, versatile and delicious, ideal for a healthy & balanced diet as they can be enjoyed on their own, for breakfast, or with coffee, tea or cereal and it provides all the nutritional value of rice in a light, tasty beverage.

Londou Trading became the exclusive distributor of Riso Scotti in 2014 and since then imports and distributes Riso Scotti products with great success in the Cyprus retail Market.


Riso Scotti Brown Rice Drink 1lt
Riso Scotti Rice and Cocoa Drink 1ltr
Riso Scotti Rice Natural 1ltr
Riso Scotti Rice Calcium 1ltr
Riso Scotti Oat Drink with Calcium 1ltr
Riso Scotti Rice and Quinoa Drink 1ltr
Riso Scotti Oat and Cocoa Drink 1ltr
Riso Scotti Rice and Almond Drink 1ltr
Riso Scotti Rice and Coconut Drink 1ltr

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