Corny Oatpower Bars

Corny cereal bars are even more enriched with the new Corny Oatpower bars.

It is a great combination of oats along with dried fruits, nuts, caramel and cocoa.
Corny Oatpower or otherwise “flapjacks” have a soft, moist texture and a rich aroma and are a practical delicious snack for between meals.
Corny Oatpower is an excellent natural source of energy and fully responds to a balanced, healthy diet and is therefore rich in vitamins, trace elements and fiber, and is the ideal solution to maintain the silhouette since it is low in fat and calories. In addition, the new Corny bars Oatpower among the many beneficial properties due to their high content of oats and other nutrients enhance the health of the heart, the digestive system and contribute to the control of sugars levels on Blood while enhancing the satisfaction of the appetite and the feeling of satiety in order to achieve and maintain the desired weight.

The new Corny Oatpower is available in three delicious flavors, Corny Cocoa Oatpower, Corny Almond Caramel Oatpower and Corny Cranberry-Pumpkin seeds Oatpower.

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