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Fizz Cider

With great pleasure we announce that our product range has been enriched even more with the products Fizz Ciders. The products are produced by Olvi Group.

The history of the Fizz brand goes back to 1994 when it was first launched in Finland. Over the past decade, Fizz Cider has been the market leader in Ciders in Nordic and Scandinavia Countries. All Fizz Ciders are produced on the basis of high-quality apple wine that has been thoroughly distilled.

Fizz Cider drinks are available in three wonderful flavors in 500ml packaging: Fizz Cider Strawberry, Fizz Cider Blueberry, and Fizz Cider Pear.

Fizz Cider Strawberry is a cider with a clean strawberry taste made on a base of apple wine and natural strawberry flavors. Fizz Cider Strawberry offers a great taste experience to everyone who loves ripe strawberries and appreciates the refreshing nature of a quality drink on hot summer days. It is equally good for enjoyment in front of the fireplace in the winter time.

Fizz Cider Blueberry is a blueberry-flavored cider made on a base of apple wine. Fizz Cider Blueberry is a cider with the deep purple color and delicious berry aroma characteristic of blueberries that grow in the Nordic forests. Suitable for people who love the juicy taste of blueberries.

Fizz Cider Pear is a cider made on a base of apple wine and has the flavor of fresh, juicy pears. The cider tastes even better when cooled with ice cubes, which add even more freshness.

Londou Trading is the exclusive importers and distributors of Fizz Ciders in the Cyprus market with great success.

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