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The natural mineral water ACTIVE O2 was presented in the Cypriot market in 2007, by the company LONDOU TRADING and since then it is an ideal choice for many who follow a modern and intense lifestyle.

ACTIVE O2 is a natural mineral water, which comes directly from the Bavarian Alps with additional oxygen for perfect refreshment. It is offered in four unique flavors and meets the need of the modern consumer for natural mineral water of exceptional quality, in an ergonomic elegant packaging and with a practical sports cap for even more convenience. Whether you are doing sports, shopping or any other daily activity, ACTIVE O2 accompanies you everywhere.

The success story of ACTIVE O2 began in 2001 with the Adelholzener, home to the most important source of mineral water in the Bavarian Alps. Today, 23 years later, people all over the world love ACTIVE O2 and choose it both for its refreshing properties and for its wide selection of flavors.

It is worth mentioning the work of Adelholzener, the production company of ACTIVE O2, which has a clear social orientation and belongs to the charity “St. Vincent of Paul”. It is a religious community where the nuns set out to embrace in their lives, the life and example of St. Vincent, the Saint of the Poor, who taught Christian love by helping those in need in his day. As he said, the acts of helping our fellow human beings must come from true Christian love, something that Saint Vincent and St. Louis de Mariac, co-founder of the order, spent their whole lives working for this purpose. The nuns have been recognized for their great contribution to the Church, both in the field of the elderly with the Hermitage that they have maintained for many years, but also in the field of health by creating their own hospitals.

In this way, consuming the natural mineral water ACTIVE O2 we put our own little mark in the important work of Adelholzener.

It is important to emphasize that always within the framework of its social responsibility, LONDOU TRADING LTD, importers and distributors of ACTIVE O2 in Cyprus, aims to support its fellow human beings as much as possible where they need it.


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