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Meetings, appointments, work, entertainment. In a daily routine of obligations, what you need in terms of your diet is to find some time to enjoy nutritionally correct flavors, not out of necessity, but out of choice. The solution lies in the new HuligaN Smash Pretzels. Try them and maybe they will become your favorite habit. Their delicious taste, combined with their attractive packaging and playful mood, create the ideal snack for any time.

HuligaN Pretzel is another inspired creation of THE BAKERS, the company that knows how to satisfy the modern demanding consumer with innovative flavourful suggestions. Launching in the Cypriot market in November 2020, the delicious, crunchy HuligaN Pretzel snacks enhance market innovation thanks to their uniqueness, the bright colors of their packaging and their incompatible taste.

Until today, PRETZELS were the favorite snack of sports fans, as they watched matches on TV and consumed mountains of salty pretzels in combination of course with an ice cold beer. HuligaN Pretzel, however, in the years 2020 is a delicious snack for home, office, street and for all hours of the day.

HuligaN Pretzel came to excite you. They are so delicious and healthy and they intend to become your new tasty… obsession. As the name implies, HuligaN Pretzel came to overturn everything we knew until today about snacks. They are baked in the oven, without preservatives, without palm oil and without the addition of artificial flavors. Nevertheless, they remain crunchy and enjoyable.

They stand out from other snacks for their original shape conveying the message that HuligaN Pretzel is not a common product to have a common shape. So they take the form of cute faces and offer the ultimate in taste as well as fun.

However, the fun side of HuligaN Pretzel does not stop only in their appearance but also in their rich and amazing taste! You will find them in packages of three different flavors: Sea Salt, Sesame and All Seeds. By opening the characteristic, playful packaging, you will get a unique, tasty experience.

HuligaN Smash Pretzel as well as KRAMBALS bruschetta are products of THE BAKERS, which are represented and distributed exclusively in the Cypriot market by LONDOU TRADING.

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