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BARR FLAVOURS: The most trendy choice in soft drinks!

The most trendy soft drinks, which have been blowing Scotland and all of Europe away, are here and they are going to create a sensation in Cyprus! Barr Flavours are the soft drinks that, from the very first sip, offer us an unforgettable taste journey, evoking memories of our childhood along with a unique sense of renewal!

Barr Flavours are no ordinary soft drinks… they are a tasty revelation! With innovative flavors such as Bubblegum, Cherryade, and American Cream Soda, and with their super youthful packaging, Barr Flavours will become the ultimate summer trend and an integral part of our everyday life, providing moments full of freshness and enjoyment!

Whether on the beach under the hot sun, on a walk with friends, or in the comfort of our home, Barr Flavours add the refreshment and taste we seek, elevating each experience with 3 unique options…

Cherryade: Rich cherry flavor and aroma that both young and old love!

Bubblegum: Sweet and playful bubblegum flavor, with a delightful blue color that will excite the youngest and transport the oldest to childhood memories!

American Cream Soda: A unique and sophisticated vanilla flavor that will conquer you from the very first taste!   

Barr Flavours soft drinks are produced by the leading Scottish company A.G. Barr plc and having always been guided by quality and authenticity, since 1875 until today, they are products of superior quality, unique freshness, and enjoyment, which with their innovation, create new trends in soft drinks!

Discover the most trendy soft drinks, Barr Flavours in selected supermarkets and stores!

LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer and distributor of Barr Flavours in the Cypriot market since 2024.

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