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BENLIAN: Tasty and Healthy Snacks

The modern rhythms of everyday life are so fast that they require easy but healthy choices for snacks.
BENLIAN products are an ideal healthy choice for snacks for any time of the day! Made from brown rice and corn, low in calories, fat and cholesterol, rich in fiber, gluten free and free from GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), BENLIAN products are the most supportive to your figure in the tastiest way and become part of a balanced Mediterranean diet!
You can enjoy BENLIAN snacks on their own or even combine them with ingredients of your choice to create delicious snacks for the whole family!


BENLIAN rice cakes with their unique flavours are a special kind of rice cake! Fluffy, crunchy made with brown rice, low in calories, they are available in unique combinations which are beneficial to our body, like flax–sunflower, chia–quinoa and other. You can enjoy them on their own or even transform them quickly and easily in to delicious snacks with endless flavour combinations!
And the best part? They only give 33 calories per rice cake.
You can find them in five unique flavours: Flax–Sunflower, Chia–Quinoa, Sesame–Salt, Popcorn and Natural Rice flavour.


Maintaining your figure has never been so tasty!
BENLIAN RICE CAKES now in the most SLIM version you’ve ever tried!
Tasty and healthy BENLIAN RICE CAKES SLIM made with brown rice, gluten free and now in a square shape with lower calories! Crispy and thin and with only 16 calories per rice cake they support your figure deliciously and in the healthiest way. Their flat surface makes the creation of flavourful combinations even easier and their attractive and practical packaging allows you to take them everywhere!
Find them in four unique flavours: Mixed Seeds, Sesame–Salt, Flax–Sunflower, Chia-Quinoa.


Light, crunchy snacks made from corn and natural ingredients and in an attractive package WHAT SNACKS are one of the trendiest snacks on the market! With low fat and calories, baked in the oven and gluten free they make the ideal snack for any time of day.
In a convenient single serving package that accompanies you everywhere in the healthiet and tastiest way!
You can find them in four unique flavours: Cheese, Pizza, Sea Salt and Sour Cream & Onion.


The new trendy snacks that everyone will love are the new Benlian Chips.
Made from brown rice and corn, not fried and low in fat and calories, the new BENLIAN CHIPS tempt you with their natural, delicious flavours! Without GMO, gluten, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, the new BENLIAN CHIPS are the healthiest, lightest and most delicious snack choice for all hours.
Combined with dips, sauces or even Benlian Chips on their own, they will conquer you with the taste from the very first try.

BENLIAN products accompanies your every day and are the ideal snack for every occasion. Create delicious snack combinations that everyone will love by getting some ideas from the article below!

BENLIAN products are imported and distributed in the Cyprus market by LONDOU TRADING with great success since 2015.


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