GTG Sparkling Living Water

GTG natural mineral sparkling Living Water comes from the Bambulli spring source which is located between two mountains Dhembel and Nemercka in the area of Zagoria. This pure water is low in magnesium and sodium and with the added carbon dioxide, its unique taste makes it ideal for people who like carbonated water.

GTG Sparkling Living Water is ideal for athletes, pregnant women, people with kidney problems and generally suitable for anyone since its balanced minerals and low sodium can’t harm anyone.
GTG Living Water products are bottled using the latest technology with the utmost care and under stringent controls to ensure the company’s guaranteed high standards. The products are subject to comprehensive tests and analysis, both by external European Union certified institutes and in the company’s quality assurance department.

The company’s in-house laboratory is equipped with the latest lab equipment. The company performs every day tests of the water both in the spring and in the production and everything is documented according to ISO requirements.
The company has in its assets ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005 certifications from TUV AUSTRIA.

Londou Trading is the exclusive distributor of GTG SPARKLING LIVING WATER in the Cyprus Market since 2020.


GTG Living Water Sparkling 0,5lt
GTG Living Water – Sparkling 1,5lt

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