Liking Candies

Liking is an Italian brand of delicious candies.

Liking S.p.A. has been producing candies and toffees since 1910, A year in which it was founded by Giuseppe Corno.
The effort and passion of three generations have brought to a long entrepreneurial adventure: from a small artisanal lab to an industrial reality of primary importance that since 1998 been a joint stock company and that in the same year has transferred to a new headquarter of 16.000 square meters 8000 of which covered.

At a remarkable productive ability (22 tons of hard and filled candies, plus 8 tons of toffees daily) corresponding to a sales network covering the whole Italian national territory throughout various distributive channels. Over the years the Company has been conquering larger market shares in Italy and abroad. Nowadays, it is one of the chief players in the European candy industry.

Some significant statistics about Liking S.p.A. are as follows:

  • Liking S.p.A. produces more than 6000 tons each year (more than 1 billion pieces per year).
  • The Company wraps more than 11.000 candies per minute.
  • Half of the Company’s production is exported around the world.

Londou Trading became the exclusive distributor of Liking Candies in 2009 and since then imports and distributes Liking Candies with great success in the Cyprus Market.


Liking Mix Assorted Candies 150g
Liking Mint / Liquorice Candies 150g
Liking Milk & Mint Candies 150g
Liking Milk Toffees 150g
Liking Citrus Mix Candies 150g
Liking Anise Flavoured Candies 150g
Liking Assorted Toffees 150g
Liking Fruit Mix Candies 150g
Liking Wildberry Candies 150g

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