MAISON POPCORN is produced in France by Nataïs. The Company started in 1997 and throughout the years grew out to be a world-famous supplier of popcorn. Nataïs exports its products to more than 50 countries around the globe, and its international sales account for 90% of its turnover. The Firm is a leading European popcorn Company that produces 35% of European popcorn. It produces 200 million bags every year. The Company has 280 farming partners and 130 employees. Nataïs operates three fully automated production lines producing 300 bags of microwave popcorn per minute.

The idea of ​​the French Company Nataïs draws inspiration from the American tradition in popcorn and rediscovers it through the French perspective, using the best raw materials.

MAISON POPCORN, which is the latest product of Nataïs, was released in 2019 and in a very brief time has managed to figure in the first-place popcorn in all of Europe.

MAISON POPCORN is a top-quality product that undergoes the strictest quality testing by experts to ensure that the popcorn meets the highest standards before reaching consumers. It is a healthy and light snack prepared in a microwave oven in just 2 ½ minutes!

MAISON POPCORN made without palm oil, is a high source of fiber, is organic, vegan, vegetarian, and is based on sustainable farming practices, like the optimal use of resources provided by nature for the development of agriculture with the usage of minimal synthetics to increase the resilience and autonomy of farms. A common goal for both Nataïs and the Company’s popcorn partners is to have a more environmentally friendly approach, for a better planet, for a better tomorrow!

Nataïs constant attention to quality has brought to the achievement of very significant objectives such as CMO-Free, Gluten-Free, and the quality certifications IFS Food, BRCGS Food Safety, Kosher certified.

Nataïs offers a delicious range of MAISON POPCORN flavors from savory to sweet in an attractive package that includes three bags in foil to keep them fresh!

Londou Trading became the exclusive distributor in the Cyprus Market of MAISON POPCORN in 2022.


MAISON POPCORN – Microwave Popcorn Salted 240g
MAISON POPCORN – Microwave Popcorn Butter 240g
MAISON POPCORN – Microwave Caramel flavour 270g
MAISON POPCORN – Microwave Popcorn Sweet flavour 270g


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