OYAKATA Japanese instant soups and dishes with noodles are produced in Poland by AJINOMOTO Poland Sp. Z o.o.  Ajinomoto Poland Sp. z o.o. is a part of the Japanese corporation Ajinomoto Group specializing in food and
pharmaceutical production. In 2020 the Group’s net revenues accounted for US$10.46 Billion, with over 33,461 employees, 120 Factories and a global presence around 36 countries.

OYAKATA instant soups and dishes with noodles are one of the company’s main brands.

OYAKATA means MASTER in Japanese. OYAKATA products bring master flavours of instant noodle dishes, inspired by Japanese Yakisoba dishes. OYAKATA products have chunks of meat, vegetables and compositions of selected herbs and spices which allow you to taste original Japanese flavours straight from the Country of Cherry Blossoms.

OYAKATA dishes are served in a cup with an innovative lid, specially designed so that you can make your Japanese dish easily and without much effort.

Londou Trading became the exclusive distributor in the Cyprus Market of OYAKATA Japanese & Asia instant dishes with noodles in 2021.



OYAKATA – Japanese Classic 93g
OYAKATA – Japanese Beef 93g
OYAKATA – Japanese Chicken Teriyaki 96g
OYAKATA – Japanese Curry 90g
OYAKATA – Korean Barbecue 93g
OYAKATA – Pad Thai Chicken 93g
OYAKATA – Chicken Ramen 63g
OYAKATA – Miso Ramen 66g


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