Vegan Cola

Think Different, Drink Different!

Vegan Cola is produced by Vitamizu, a rapidly growing food and beverages company in Poland founded in 2016. Vegan Cola is an innovative product of Vitamizu. It is a carbonated drink with a unique cola flavor and the addition of natural caffeine from green coffee beans. The product does not contain preservatives and its gluten free. As it has been sweetened with stevia, Vegan Cola has reduced its calorie content and sugar content. It contains only 6.8 gr sugar in 100 ml and it has only 28 kcal in 100 ml. Vegan Cola is a product for people who live in harmony with nature, willing to spend their free time in nature, away from the urban hustle, or those who use urban green spaces for their leisure activities along with their close friends. Also, for those who support the protection of the environment and the help of animals in need. Londou Trading became the exclusive importer and distributor of Vegan Cola in 2021.


Vegan Cola 330ml

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