Z Water

Markol Ltd. based in Riga, Latvia since 1994 produces Z Water. The company deals with drinking water production, trade and logistics. They specialize on water bottling in 0,5-5l PET bottles as well as in 19l bottles for delivering to companies and offices. The extractive place of the water is considered to be one of the most valuable high-qualitative water source in Europe, so they offer to your market high-standard drinking water – still and carbonated. It’s composition, purity, stability and excellent features of taste determine the quality and value of the Brand.

Londou Trading became the exclusive distributor of Z Water in 2010 and since then imports and distributes Z Water with great success in the Cyprus Market


Z-Water Still 2lt
Z-Water Still Sports Cap 650ml
Z-Water Still 500ml
Z-Water Sparkling 2lt
Z-Water Sparkling 500ml

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