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Brown rice: Why should we prefer it and what its nutritional benefits.

Brown rice is the “raw” version of the classic white we all know. However brown rice is superior in nutritional value, as keeping the shell more digestible and light for the stomach. But it is not only its benefit to the human body.

Initially we have to be clear that we are talking about brown rice, and not black (or wild) rice. Their difference is that brown rice has been minimally processed, retaining most of its nutrients.
Brown or partially peeled rice has little processing, so it retains the cereal germ and bran, which make it a nutrient-rich food. At the same time brown rice is a rich source of protein, thiamin, calcium, magnesium, fiber and potassium. Especially for those who want to lose weight or for those with diabetes, brown rice can prove to be a healthy “ally” because of its low glycemic index.

The nutritional value of brown rice is higher than that of white rice and you can determine it for the following reasons:

1. Rich in Selenium: This valuable anti-cancer ingredient is abundant in brown rice. Its unique ability to reduce the risk of heart disease and arthritis makes selenium an important addition to a healthy diet.

2. Rich in Magnesium: Just one cup of brown rice, accounts for 80% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium that the human body needs.

3. Source of natural oils: Natural oils are particularly beneficial to the human body, as they are healthy “fats” that help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

4. Helps to lose weight: Brown rice is high in fiber, which gives the feeling of fullness thus consuming a smaller amount with less calories.

5. Antioxidant Source: The antioxidant effect of brown rice is probably one of its best “secrets”. However, the capabilities of brown rice give it a place among the best antioxidant foods.

6. High fiber content: Brown rice is high in fiber and is at the top of the list of foods in the same category

7. Fights against Diabetes: Brown rice helps to balance blood sugar levels, so it is a unique dietary source for people with diabetes. Studies have shown that those who consume half a cup of brown rice on a daily basis reduce their risk of diabetes by 60%.

8. Ideal food for children: Brown rice based cereal or brown rice itself is the best possible food for children because of the density of nutrients and fiber they contain.


Ideal suggestion of a premium brown rice is Riso Scotti Integrale Brown Rice, a product of the Italian company Riso Scotti.
Riso Scotti’s successful history in producing, collecting and processing various varieties of rice and its by-products is over 160 years with presence in more than 70 countries.
Riso Scotti Integrale Brown Rice is an ideal choice because of its reduced processing, keeping its nutritional value unchanged.
It is high in protein and fibre as it provides, per 100 grams, 27% of the protein and 17% of the fibre that the human body needs daily, which makes it a healthy and nutritious dish!

Brown rice is ultimately a tasty and healthy proposition that we should all adopt. It meets all our nutritional requirements and can accompany every dish of ours, providing us with all its nutritional value.

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