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BURGER crispbreads: They combine quality and taste!

Rich in fiber, tasty and crunchy, BURGERS are ideal for healthy snacking

BURGER crispbreads are one of the leading brands of their kind in Germany and throughout Europe. These are healthy food products that combine high quality and unique taste, while contributing, in their own way, to a healthy lifestyle.

BURGER Crispbreads are rich in fiber, low in calories and fat, made with whole grain cereals and rye and are easily digestible since they are baked traditionally, without yeast.

The company, which is based in Germany, claims that its products are as good as the people who work on their production, which is why it places particular emphasis on staffing its factory with qualified people. Its philosophy is based on the production of delicious, healthy and excellent quality products, made from excellent raw materials. In this context, rye, which is the main and perhaps the most important component of crispbreads, is obtained from controlled local cultivation in Germany with the aim of ensuring the quality and taste of the product.

For these and so many other reasons, BURGER crispbreads have achieved over the years to conquer an important place in the taste preferences of consumers, who have added them in their daily lives.

Five types of BURGER CRISPBREADS are available in the Cyprus market: BURGER FIBER (rich in fiber), BURGER CLASSIC (made from barley malt flour), BURGER DELICACY (made from rye grains), BURGER RYE (with additional whole grain rye flakes) and BURGER SESAME (with roasted sesame).

Each species has its own special characteristics, while all stand out for their excellent quality! BURGER crispbreads can be accompanied according to the taste preferences of each consumer, since they are an ideal daily base for a tasty and healthy snack!

You can find BURGER crispbreads in selected supermarkets and stores.

LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer and distributor of BURGER crispbreads in Cyprus since 2023.

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