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CAPRI – SUN: Everyone’s favorite fruit drinks!

Apart from their unique taste, CAPRI – SUN stand out both for their quality and innovative and practical packaging!

CAPRI – SUN fruit drinks are made from selected fruits, are rich in vitamins, have no preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors, and aromas. They combine favorite fruit flavors while giving rejuvenation, freshness, and… beautiful moments of enjoyment during the day!

The wide range of CAPRI – SUN fruit drinks offers many choices of flavors, which meet the tastes and preferences of consumers.

CAPRI SUN 200 ml

CAPRI SUN 200 ml fruit drinks are a timelessly favorite, refreshing, and tasty choice of everyone.

They combine wonderful taste and innovative packaging with paper–recyclable straw, two features that make them stand out!

Apart from being practical, the packaging of CAPRI – SUN has a unique and playful design, something that makes these fruit drinks, ideal for lunches, family outings, picnics in nature, as well as for various other activities.

CAPRI – SUN are made from selected fruits, while they are rich in vitamins, which is why they are a delicious source of rejuvenation and freshness throughout the day. These are the fruit drinks that give vitality and energy in the most playful and tasty way!

They are available in five delicious flavors: Cherry, Orange, Safari fruits, Multivitamin, and Mystic Dragon.

CAPRI – SUN 330ml

Same quality, great taste, greater enjoyment! The 330 ml CAPRI – SUN fruit drinks combine flavors of favorite fruits, while offering enjoyment, coolness, and rejuvenation.

What makes the 330ml CAPRI – SUN stand out, apart from their wonderful taste, is their attractive, practical packaging with the innovative screw cap, which is environmentally friendly, light, flexible and aims to maintain a fresh and tasty content!

CAPRI – SUN fruit drinks are a favorite choice of everyone, while they are ideal for those who are constantly on the go, since their screw cap enables consumers to enjoy them wherever and whenever they wish.

They are available in five unique flavors: cherry – pomegranate, orange–peach, mango–passion fruit, and multivitamin.

The history of CAPRI – SUN

The history of CAPRI – SUN goes way back in time after the company’s first fruit drinks were made in sunny Heidelberg, Germany in 1969. Since then, CAPRI – SUN have been recording a successful path in the market, while they have deservedly gained a place in the daily lives of everyone.

Today they are exported to more than 119 countries around the world, always maintaining the same excellent taste, while diversifying some elements of fruit drinks to meet consumer preferences, which are constantly changing.

CAPRI – SUN fruit drinks are imported and distributed in the Cyprus market with great success since 2014, exclusively by LONDOU TRADING.

Find CAPRI – SUN fruit drinks in selected supermarkets and shops.


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