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CAPRI-SUN – New ergonomic cap

Capri-Sun fruit drinks present its new innovative cap!
The 330ml Capri-Sun packages have gained a new ergonomic cap for even easier use!
The new innovation in Capri-Sun packaging makes it even more attractive to consumers because it combines high quality, great flavour and practicality.

In addition to their excellent quality and awesome flavors, CAPRI-SUN Fruits Drinks are characterized by their unique packaging, which is made of durable aluminum and thin plastic to make it lighter, more flexible and easy to use.
CAPRI-SUN today are exported to more than 119 countries and are one of the world’s most popular fruit drinks (up until 2014 6,000,000,000 Capri-Sun fruit drinks were consumed around the world)!

Londou Trading is the exclusive importer of CAPRI-SUN in Cyprus since 2014 and since then distributes them with great success in the Cypriot market.
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