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Capri – Sun: Unique combinations of fruit drinks!

Delicious, refreshing and loved by young and old the Capri-Sun fruit drinks. They are an integral part of our daily life since 2014, when they were first released in Cyprus by LONDOU TRADING, but their story begins in 1969 in sunny Heidelberg, Germany, where the creator and adventurous young businessman Rudolf Wild began to prepare and sell natural juice.

After a while, the creator started looking for a lightweight but durable alternative to the heavy, fragile glass bottles that were typical of the time – one that would fit comfortably in school bags and backpacks as well as on holidays and family outings. Having that in mind, he created an original package that is at the same time stable, flexible and light – and he gave its own straw so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful fruit drinks easily and practically.

Over the years Capri – Sun has evolved both in taste and packaging. They were released in many variations with wonderful fruity flavors and won from the first sip even the most demanding consumer.

They are rich in vitamins, made from the purest ingredients, without preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors and aromas and give not only energy and vitality but also set the mood with their taste.

As for the packaging? Capri-Sun and their unique packaging are inseparable from day one! The packaging is so important for the company of Capri Sun that great attention is paid to its perfection that they created for each taste a unique design creating a more playful mood to those who enjoy them.

But we left the best for last… Following the demands of the times, at the end of last year, the CEO of Capri Sun, Roland Weening announced that customers will now drink their favorite fruit drinks from special paper straws. In fact, as part of the long-term plan for the complete elimination of plastic, Capri Sun will proceed with the replacement of the entire packaging with recyclable materials.

Capri-Sun is now exported to more than 119 countries around the world, always maintaining the same excellent taste but differentiating some elements to meet local preferences.

Find Capri – Sun 200 ml available in the Cypriot market in the following flavors: Orange, Safari fruits, Cherry, Multivitamin and Mystic Dragon ready to accompany you, cooling you and filling you with energy at any time of the day.


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