Chocolate, our everlasting love and the sweetest gift for the Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate… silky texture, great taste, unique aroma. Chocolate, for most of us at least, is an everlasting love and how can it not be? In all its forms (chocolates, chocolate plate, fluid, as a beverage) chocolate is always there to sweeten every moment. Love with it, especially when it comes to PERGALE DARK chocolate, is thunderous and everlasting, which is why chocolate protagonists in every Valentine’s Day…

Chocolate loves us, understands us, it is there all seasons, days, times and moments! It fits everywhere, in the closet, in the fridge, in our bag… It is the perfect solution for cold mornings melted in a mug, the best company in the afternoons at home and the most delicious company in the summer evenings. Apart from being enjoyable, PERGALE dark chocolate has many benefits to offer for the human body, which is why we recommend the unique and highly tasty PERGALE DARK chocolates as a gift on the Valentine’s Day.

Confess your feelings to your other half in the sweetest and most chocolatey way!

PERGALE DARK chocolate is a timeless and safe choice for a gift on Valentine’s Day. Their velvety texture, their wonderful taste and their unique aroma are reminiscent of that first time you met… So, here are five chocolate suggestions for a gift on Valentine’s Day:

The basket of lovers

Give your Valentine a basket full of PERGALE! Behind each chocolate place a small note with a sweet memory you have of him/her.

Half and a half make us one!

Another way to gift PERGALE on Valentine’s Day is to split the chocolate in half and give one piece to your love, telling him that the rest belongs to you! Combine the gift with a meal made by your own hands and enjoy the unique taste of PERGALE for dessert!

PERGALE chocolate goes with everything!

For the most alternative types of the group, we recommend melted dark chocolate PERGALE! Combine fluid chocolate with fruits, cookies or even savory delicacies, the result will leave the palate of both completely satisfied. While eating these unique delicacies, you can watch a movie or… drink a bottle of red wine!

A bouquet and a PERGALE

Sometimes the most wonderful gift is the simplest… Give your beloved person a bouquet of flowers along with a PERGALE DARK chocolate and awaken the romance of the first days of your relationship… This is a wonderful gesture that your other half will surely appreciate!

Our relationship with chocolate is in itself a sweet and unique love story, which is why we recommend PERGALE DARK as a gift on Valentine’s Day, since it is a symbolic and extremely romantic gesture!


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