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CORNY BIG: A delicious and healthy snack!

Wherever you go, whatever you do, a CORNY BIG cereal bar is always a good choice…

CORNY BIG cereal bars are an ideal choice for snacking whether you are at work, school, university, gym, on an excursion with friends, or enjoying your afternoon coffee… Wherever you are, whatever you do, CORNY BIG is always there to give you the energy you need.

CORNY BIG is inspired by nature and the fruits it offers in abundance, while at the same time they are in harmony with modern nutritional trends, which is why they wrote their own success story in the Cyprus market and not only.

It is a delicious and healthy snack, which is made from pure ingredients, selected cereals, genuine chocolate, fruits or nuts. CORNY BIG cereal bars are an ideal source of energy, while contributing, in their own unique way, to a healthy diet. They combine taste and convenient packaging, which makes them ideal for snacking always and everywhere.

They are available in the market in ten different flavors, aiming to meet every taste preference.  Chocolate, Chocolate- Banana, White Chocolate, Brownie, Cookies, Peanut- Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Cranberry, Coconut and Marshmallow. All unique and delicious!

Whichever CORNY BIG you choose, one thing is certain: It is the cereal bar that will meet your nutritional needs, all those times when you are looking for something tasty and healthy to eat!

CORNY BIG belongs to the large family of CORNY. The first cereal bars were produced in Germany in 1984 by the company Schwartauer Werke. Since then, they have gained a place in the heart and everyday life of every consumer, while in many cases their name became synonymous with cereal bars in general.

CORNY products are imported and distributed with great success in the Cyprus market for the last 18 years by the company Londou Trading.

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