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CORNY PROTEIN BARS: They are delicious, with no added sugar, low in calories and they are… CORNY!

High protein foods, like protein bars, have become extremely popular in recent years! Delicious, convenient, and high in protein, the new CORNY PROTEIN BARS are the perfect and most delicious way to get the energy and strength your body needs throughout the day.

Listening to the need for tasty and low-calorie bars, the German company Schwartauer Werke – manufacturer of the well-known and successful CORNY cereal bars that have been particularly loved by the Cypriot public, went on to create CORNY PROTEIN BARS!

As we all know, the importance of protein in our diet is great, since it contributes to the “building”, recovery, and maintenance of our body structure. We need them just as much as we need carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, oils, trace elements, and unsaturated fatty acids.

Protein bars seem to be the ideal solution for a large portion of the population that is interested in their diet. It is an easy, healthy, but also tasty way to get more protein in one’s daily routine.

The new CORNY PROTEIN BARS are high in protein, have no added sugar or palm oil and are low in calories. They have a rich filling and a silky texture, while inside they “hide” crispy rice flakes that make them taste great!

CORNY CHOCOLATE for the people who love chocolate, CORNY COOKIES for people who crave biscuit flavors and CORNY COCONUT for the ones who can’t do without summer and CORNY SALTED CARAMEL for you who love special flavors.

It would be no exaggeration to say that CORNY PROTEIN BARS are, perhaps, the most delicious protein bars ever made!

LONDOU TRADING are exclusive representatives and distributors of CORNY products in the Cyprus market since 2005.


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