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CORNY: The cereal bars everybody loves!

CORNY cereal bars count 18 years of a successful story in the Cyprus market.

For so many years, cereal bars with the signature of CORNY are here to offer us energy and strength, as well as to seal our days in the most delicious way.

Inspired by nature and the fruits it offers in abundance, but at the same time harmonized with modern nutritional trends, CORNY cereal bars managed to write their own success story in the Cyprus market and beyond.

Made from pure ingredients, selected cereals, genuine chocolate, dried fruits or nuts, CORNY cereal bars are a delicious and healthy snacking choice.

The first CORNY cereal bars were made in 1984 in Germany by the company Schwartauer Werke, whose headquarters are located in the quiet town of Bad Schwartau near the Baltic Sea coast.

Their popularity skyrocketed within a very short period of time, while their inclusion in the German market at that time was considered something innovative, since there was no other similar product in the country, nor in the rest of Europe. In fact, due to their popularity and innovation, CORNY managed to become synonymous with cereal bars in general.

The big “family” of CORNY

CORNY products are available in the market in many different flavors and packaging, in order to meet the preferences of a large portion of consumers. In addition, the range of the company’s products is constantly evolving and renewed with the aim of always giving consumers many CORNY options.


CORNY BIG cereal bars are made from selected cereals, genuine chocolate, fruits and nuts.  Apart from being delicious, they contribute to a healthy diet, while they are also an ideal source of energy!

They are available in ten different flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate- Banana, White Chocolate, Brownie, Cookies, Peanut- Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Cranberry, Coconut and Marshmallow.

Corny Big 40g & 50g

CORNY MILK: The cereal bars reminiscent of…  sandwich

These are the cereal bars whose appearance is reminiscent of… sandwich! CORNY MILK has delicious cream in the middle, which is rich in calcium, and its unique taste and deliciousness delights everyone!

They are available in two different flavors: CORNY Milk Classic and CORNY Milk Dark& White.

Corny Milk Single 40g

Corny Milk 30g x 4pcs

CORNY CLASSIC for… the whole family!

Delicious, healthy and in a convenient, family packaging. These are the CORNY CLASSIC cereal bars, which are available on the market in four different flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate – Banana, Coconut and Dark Chocolate. 

Corny Classic 25g x 6pcs

CORNY FREE: Pleasure without remorse!

Do you want something to nibble on but don’t want to be burdened with extra calories? CORNY FREE cereal bars are the answer to your concerns!

They are made from selected cereals, they are delicious and with less than 65 calories per bar, while they remain an excellent source of energy, since they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber!

They are available in five different flavors: Chocolate, White chocolate, Nuts-Nougat, Cherry- Cranberry Yogurt and Yogurt.

Corny Free 20g x 6pcs

CORNY PROTEIN BARS: The sequel to the success story

Protein bars are the latest addition to CORNY’s product range.

They are delicious, rich in protein (30%) and with no added sugar and palm oil. You can find them in four unique flavors: Cookies, Chocolate, Coconut and Salted Caramel.

Corny 30% Protein Bar 50g

LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer and distributor of CORNY products in the Cyprus market since 2005.

You will find CORNY products in selected hypermarkets and stores.

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