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This season of dried figs, dates, apricots and cranberries, all sweet and nutritious, make their presence felt at every festive table.
But now, there is an alternative that will make you enjoy them all the time, always and everywhere. CORONA BLANCA Fruit Cakes by the Spanish company Fruit Fusion are handmade and made based on traditional Spanish recipes. The best figs, dates, apricots and cranberries are mixed with almonds and walnuts respectively, become “cakes” and tempt even the most demanding of tastes.

FIG & ALMONDS CAKE: Made from top quality Spanish dried Pajarero sweet figs and delectable Mediterranean almonds, they are the most delicious snack for all hours of the day all year long. In particular, during the holidays, they will be transformed into delicious chocolates, becoming the best companion to your gourmet salads, cheese platters and more. In addition to it being a tasty side snack, the CORONA BLANCA fig and almonds cake is a healthy snack as the nutritional value of the fig combined with the almonds make it an important natural source of energy, calcium, iron and more! A ‘treasure’ for your health that you can enjoy at any moment!

DATE & ALMONDS CAKE: A unique combination of high quality dates of the ‘Deglet Nour’ variety and Californian walnuts make the unique homemade dates and walnuts cake CORONA BLANCA by the Spanish company Fruit fusion. Besides it being a delicious snack, it can be served as a dessert but also be excellently paired with cheese platters with mixed cheeses with a glass of good wine. It can also be incorporated in desserts like the traditional Christmas cookies (foinikota), in chocolates, and other Christmas treats. CORONA BLANCA Date & Walnuts cakes excellent nutritional value and delicious flavour make it an ideal snack for all hours of the day!

APRICOT & ALMONDS CAKE: a delicious healthy snack, made with high quality dried apricots and almonds, which are an excellent source of energy, iron, calcium and fiber. CORONA BLANCA Apricot & Almonds besides it being a delicious snack, it can be incorporated on cheese platters, salads or even in desserts while you can also enjoy it on its own with glass of good wine.

CRANBERRY , DATES & ALMONDS CAKE: It consists of high quality dried cranberries, almonds and selected Meditteranean dates of the Deglet Nour. Its natural, nutricial elements makes it a super snack rich in calcium, iron, potassium and antioxidants qualities. It can excellently accompany your cheese platters, your salads or even be added as an ingeredient in your dessert creations like chocolates, and Christmas cookies (foinikota). It will give them a unique flavor and it will excite your guests!

CORONA BLANCA fruit cakes are the product of the leading Spanish company FRUIT FUSION S.L, which combines modern technology and tradition to produce high quality products.
CORONA BLANCA products are based on traditional Spanish recipes made from 100% natural dried fruits and fine nuts, resulting in a rich source of fiber, calcium and iron, whilst fully responding to a balanced Mediterranean diet.
As a leading natural source of energy, vitamins and minerals those that can enjoy CORONA BLANCA, are those who have healthy eating in their priorities, as well as those who are looking for new flavours that will give them energy.

LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer and distributor of CORONA BLANCA products in the Cyprus market since 2017.

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