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Dark chocolate and its benefits

The benefits of dark chocolate for the human body have been the subject of dozens of studies in recent years that confirm that chocolate with a high cocoa content has a positive effect on various functions of the body with the benefits of being more than we believe!
The velvety texture, its unique flavor and its wonderful scent are just some of the chocolate characteristics. Dark chocolate or “food of the gods” is a temptation for all. It sweetens our palates, while its nutrients are very beneficial to our health.

Here are 5 of the basic benefits of dark chocolate when we include it in our daily diet:

1. Combats stress

Dark chocolate is one of the natural antidepressants, as it has been observed that it increases serotonin in the brain. Consuming 40 grams of dark chocolate daily is proven to help improve the mood of those suffering from anxiety. In addition, the magnesium it contains, combats stress, fatigue, depression and the feeling of anxiety.

2. Regulates pressure

The flavonoids the are in dark chocolate, reduces blood pressure, boosts good blood circulation in the heart and activates the production of nitric oxide, which plays a key role in relaxing the arteries and circulating blood easily with no problems.

3. Increases brain functionality

In continuation of aiding blood flow to the brain, it affects memory, but also boosts brain activity for up to 3 hours after consuming chocolate. The high levels of flavonoids strengthen the cognitive abilities of people who suffer from lack of sleep, and even reduces ageing through the increased blood circulation. Finally, cocoa in dark chocolate increases concentration, reflexes and memory.

4. Helps is weight loss.

Dark chocolate contains fiber which give you the feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and the antioxidants slow down digestion which contributes to the feeling of fullness longer with result in helping in weight loss.

5. Takes care of the skin.

The antioxidents of dark chocolate have many uses, as weve mentioned so far, and included in these is the protection of the skin from the free radicals, which accelerate aging. The flavoinoid also protect the skin from uv sun radiation, while the cocoa in dark chocolate takes care fo the hydrationg and softness of the skin.

If you are looking for superior quality chocolate with many benefits for the body, we recommend the Pergale Dark series. These are chocolates of high cocoa content with excellent quality, delicious flavor and velvety texture. With a history of almost an entire century, Pergale chocolates are exported to more than 35 countries worldwide with huge success. Always made with the highest standards and pure ingredients, Pergale chocolates are distinguished for their rich collection of unique flavors.
Pergale chocolates can be enjoyed with exotic fruit filling, such as the unique Pergale Dark Mango, with orange, lemon and berries or hazelnuts.

You can find them in 6 delicious flavours: Dark Classic, Dark 72% cocoa, Dark Hazelnut, Dark Cranberry, Dark Mango and Dark Orange

So instead of avoiding dark chocolate, you can add it to your diet as a small snack for the moments you need a little energy!
Considering that if you consume just 6 pieces (40g) of Pergale Dark Classic chocolate you get 25% of the iron your body needs every day.
Reward yourself with a few Pergale chocolate pieces without feeling guilty for the calories because its benefits are many!


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