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Discover the instant noodles OYAKATA

The instant and ready to eat noodles OYAKATA bring the flavors of Japan and wider Asia to your kitchen. They are delicious, ready in just 3 minutes and you can enjoy them either as part of a main course or as a side dish!

It was a matter of time before the trend of instant and ready to eat meals arrived to Cyprus. In Europe and abroad, the philosophy of ready meals has been embraced for several years and Cypriots are now following this path. Their popularity has been increased by the fact that they are complete meals that you can easily enjoy at home, in the office, at school, wherever you are. At the top of our favorite’s instant meals, you can find noodles… one of the delicacies of Asian cuisine that more and more of us discover and prefer!

Are you at home but you have a busy schedule and want to eat a delicious and filling meal straight away? Are you at work and your break time is limited? Then the instant noodles OYAKATA is the ideal proposal for you who are looking for a complete meal but you don’t have time to prepare it. With OYAKATA noodles you can now easily and quickly enjoy different and delicious meals in just 3 minutes. All you need is hot water and a fork!

OYAKATA in Japanese means MASTER. So OYAKATA products recommend specialized flavors, inspired by Japan and Asia and have Yakisoba noodles as their main ingredient. You will find them in six popular flavors, four of which come from Japanese cuisine (Beef Wasabi, Curry, Chicken Teriyaki and Japanese Classic) and the other two from the wider Asian cuisine (Pad Thai Chicken, Korean Barbecue).

They come in a very practical cup with an innovative lid, specially designed to provide convenience and ease of preparation of an ethnic, delicious meal. The liquid sauce contained in each package is poured over the noodles, giving the dishes a special aroma of spices and herbs. To their advantages are added the economic price but also their long expiration date.

OYAKATA – Japanese meals

Japanese Beef Wasabi: Noodles with a characteristic beef flavor with spicy wasabi and sauce.

Japanese Curry: Noodles with a spicy curry and chili flavor.

Japanese Chicken Teriyaki: Noodles with delicious chicken flavor and teriyaki sauce.

Japanese Classic: Classic Japanese noodles with soy sauce and enriched with a mixture of spices ginger, cloves and cinnamon.


Pad Thai Chicken: A meal of noodles inspired by Thai cuisine, with a typical tamarind paste and fish sauce combined with lime juice and peanuts. The aromatic spices coriander and ginger used enhance the Asian character of the meal.

Korean Barbecue: A meal of noodles inspired by Korean cuisine, with a characteristic beef flavor in a sweet marinated soy sauce and sesame oil combined with chili.

OYAKATA products are a great convenience for a daily, fast and light dish, which fill you up and make you feel completely satisfied with your meal.

Look for OYAKATA products in all major hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Exclusive importer and distributor of OYAKATA products in Cyprus is LONDOU TRADING, well-known company for its pioneering in innovative products.


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