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Experience the true taste of nature with CAPRI- SUN fruit juices!

Rich in vitamins, without preservatives, artificial colors and aromas, CAPRI-SUN fruit drinks are the favorite choice of everyone

They are refreshing and combine many wonderful fruit flavors. CAPRI – SUN fruit drinks are rich in vitamins, have no preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors and aromas, which is why they are the favorite choice of everyone.

CAPRI – SUN offers enjoyment, coolness and rejuvenation, while they are available in four unique combinations of flavors: cherry – pomegranate, orange – peach, mango– passion fruit and multivitamin, in order to give consumers many, fruity options.    

CAPRI – SUN fruit drinks were imported to Cyprus in 2014 by the company LONDOU TRADING, which since then imports and distributes them in the market with great success.

From then until today, CAPRI-SUN has won a special place in the hearts of Cypriot consumers, who embraced the products and added them in their daily lives.

What makes CAPRI – SUN stand out, apart from its wonderful taste is its attractive, innovative and practical packaging with an ergonomic, screw cap, which enables consumers to enjoy their favorite fruit drink whenever they wish!

Their packaging is environmentally friendly, lightweight, flexible and easy to use. It is a unique package, which is a special feature of fruit drinks, with its design aimed at preserving a fresh and tasty content!

Find CAPRI – SUN fruit drinks in selected supermarkets and shops.  


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