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HuligaN Smash Pretzel

Tasty snacks for any hour

Londou Trading company is constantly enriching its range with new innovative products unique in its kind that are directly loved by the consumer. Shortly before the end of 2020, Londou Trading presents HuligaN Smash Pretzel, another product of the constantly growing company THE BAKERS, which is represented in the Cypriot market by Londou Trading.

HuligaN Smash Pretzel came to blow your mind. They are so delicious and healthy and they intend to become your new flavour… obsession. As the name suggests, HuligaN Smash Pretzel revolutionizes what we know, they came to make waves and change everything we knew in the field of snacking. They are baked in the oven, without preservatives, without palm oil and without the addition of artificial flavors. However, they remain crunchy to be eaten guilt free all hours of the day.

They stand out from other snacks for their original shape conveying the message that HuligaN Smash Pretzel is not a common product to have a common shape. So they take the form of cute emoticons and offer the ultimate in flavour as well as fun.
But the fun side of the new snack does not stop only at its appearance but also at its rich and revolutionary taste! You will find them in packages of three different flavors: Sea Salt, Sesame and All Seeds.

The company THE BAKERS, which specializes in the production of high quality snacks, always following modern production standards, fully meets the requirements of modern consumers which the quality of their diet is in their priorities.

LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer and distributor of HuligaN Smash Pretzel products in Cyprus.

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