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Ideas for delicious snacks with Tak salted crackers

The combinations that you can make with the new crispy Tak crackers in their unique flavours of Smoked Cheese, Bacon and Salt are endless! Turn them quickly and easily into delicious canapés and impress your guests.

You can also spread it with cream cheese, yoghurt or any other sauce of your choice, or even add your favorite cheese, chopped vegetables or deli meats.

The new Tak crackers can also be added as salad croutons and can also be accompanied by a platter of cheese and deli meats.

Some ideas for delicious dips with a few calories are tomato sauce dips, avocado dip and low fat yogurt.
An easy suggestion for an appetizer dip is to add spices like paprika or curry to 3 to 4 tablespoons of low fat yogurt. The spices will give a special flavor to yoghurt and will fit perfectly with the salty Tak crackers.
You can also combine them with sweet ingredients such as jam, chocolate and fruit. You will see how the combination of sweet and savory is very enjoyable!
Additionally, you could make a different version of your favorite smores with hazelnut spread, bananas, marshmallows and salty Tak crackers.

Below we give you some ideas for some delicious combinations.




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