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Karuzo Cream Pita

The pita shaped croissant!

A symbol of French pastry, croissants have been loved all over the world. However, there are many versions of it. A clear example, the KARUZO Cream Pita, which as soon as it launched in the Cypriot market, it became a talk of the island!
Round, with a fluffy dough that melts in the mouth, full of incredible creamy flavors, has came to conquer us.

The unique Karuzo Cream Pita are delicious pastries that will steal your heart! They might not have the traditional croissant shape but they are superior in taste. Why? It very simple: To start off, they are round, their dough is fluffy, with multiple buttery layers, its filled all around, with infinite flavors of cream, so you don’t have to wait until you reach the big “treasure”! From the first bite your mouth is filled with the the filling you’ve chosen and it overwhelms all of your tastes buds!

At breakfast, at lunch, for snacks, at school, at the office, on the field trip, on the field, or just about every time you crave something sweet, the delicious KARUZO Cream Pita croissants are always and everywhere with you to excite you!

You will find KARUZO Cream Pita in six unique flavors: Cocoa Cream with Milk Chocolate, Mascarpone Cream with Raspberry, Cocoa Cream Pita with Milk Chocolate, Cherry Cheesecake Cream, Strawberry Yogurt Cream, Blueberry Cheesecake Cream

* Whichever you choose, it will conquer you.

More info: KARUZO Cream Pita is the product of THE BAKERS company, and exclusive distributors and distributors for the Cyprus market are Londou Trading!

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