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Krambals – Delicious bruschettas in natural flavours

With their stylish, attractive packaging and high quality, the new Krambals Bruschetta have come to conquer the market with their delicious flavour combinations! They are thinly cut, crispy bruschettas, made with the purest ingredients, baked in the oven where they combine the traditional cuisine and modern lifestyle.

And if you are wondering why Krambals are so special we’ll reveal that the big secret is hidden in the traditional ciabatta bread which is baked with its own natural yeast but also their unique flavour combinations from the natural ingredients and flavours.

The new Krambals snacks are aimed at modern consumers who are always looking for high quality snacks made with the purest natural ingredients.
Made from high quality GMO-free wheat flour, without preservatives and in natural flavours, the new KRAMBALS BRUSCHETTA is an ideal healthy snack for all hours.

You can find them in four unique flavors:

  • Tomato & Mozzarella: a classic, Mediterranean blend of fresh ripe tomatoes and mozzarella soft cheese will delight you!
  • Forest Mushrooms & Butter: the rich forest mushroom flavour along with the light butter ‘blends’ with the thinly cut ​ciabatta bread slices and makes them incredibly delicious.
  • Garden Grill: freshly grilled vegetables with natural spices and herbs give a delicious taste to the crispy bruschettas.
  • Creamy Cheese: rich creamy melted cheese blends in a unique way with crunchy bruschettas making for an incredible tasting experience!
Krambals Bruschetta is another product of the modern and rapidly growing company THE BAKERS, which specializes in producing high quality products that fully meet the demands of modern consumers whose quality of nutrition is their top priority.

LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer and distributor of Krambals Bruschetta in Cyprus.


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