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LA SUISSA: Fine chocolates straight from Italy!

They are fine, quality but also delicious. We are referring to your favorite LA SUISSA chocolates, which come to Cyprus straight from Italy.

The love story between chocolate and LA SUISSA began in 1981 in the hills of Piedmont, between the regions of Gavi and Monferrato. Somewhere in there, in the depths of Italy, the first LA SUISSA chocolates were manufactured, which were meant to write their own “golden” history over the years.

Nowadays, the name of LA SUISSA chocolates has become equal to quality and tradition, with LONDOU TRADING being the exclusive representative – importer in the Cyprus market since 2002. 

What is the secret of their success?  What is the reason why the Italian chocolates LA SUISSA entered the hearts of Cypriot consumers, their homes, their daily lives and won a place in their taste preferences?

One of the reasons that LA SUISSA chocolates have gained an essential place in the Cyprus market and not only is the raw materials used for their manufacture, since they are selected with special care. The raw materials are processed by specialized employees using advanced technology, which contributes to the production of quality and tasty chocolate. 

At the same time, special emphasis is placed on the packaging of the products, which keeps the chocolates fresh and tasty, but also on their attractive wrapping that meets the tastes and needs of consumers.

LA SUISSA chocolates are addressed to everyone, while they are offered in unique flavors, as well as in different shapes, depending on the time of year.   They are available in one kilo packages as well as in attractive wrappers to meet different circumstances, in order to serve the needs of each consumer. 


Perhaps the most beloved chocolates of LA SUISSA in Cyprus.

These are the popular and adored WISHES chocolates which are made with high quality milk chocolate. Their filling consists of tasty, delicious hazelnut cream with cereals, which leaves an incredible taste on your palate!

 The Italian chocolates WISHES, as their name suggests, make the wishes of everyone for dreamy chocolate adventures come true! 

*WISHES Italian chocolates by LA SUISSA are also offered in packages of half a kilo


They are classic, timeless and ideal for every hour and moment of the day. These are the Italian chocolates NOCIO, which can also be considered a milestone of LA SUISSA, since they are loved by the consumers of Cyprus.

Made with excellent quality milk chocolate and delicious hazelnut cream filling, but also with a whole roasted hazelnut in the middle, the italian LA SUISSA chocolates are a constant value for every chocolate lover!


Different, special and unique!

They are the Italian chocolates SOSPIRI CREMA by La SUISSA, which are made with excellent milk chocolate and with an amazing filling in four flavors: Hazelnut, Cocoa and Amaretto. 

Their rich chocolate smell combined with their silky texture and irresistible taste, make LA SUISSA’s SOSPIRI chocolates ideal for every occasion!


The Italian chocolates GRAN BONTA, are made with high quality milk chocolate and are offered in four flavors: cocoa, hazelnut, cappuccino and coffee.

Unique, dreamy and quality based, LA SUISSA’s GRAN BONTA chocolates unravel a massive world of chocolate, which no one can resist!


The magic of Christmas in three different Italian chocolates by LA SUISSA!  The well-known to all of us SOSPIRI BABBO NATALE, FATHER CHRISTMAS and SNOWMAN.

Made from genuine milk chocolate, in various shapes and fancy wrappers, Santa Claus and The Snowmen of LA SUISSA meet every year at the same time with the aim of putting us in the Christmas spirit.

Because Christmas and LA SUISSA go together!


The Italian GIANDUI HEARTS chocolates by LA SUISSA mean… Love!

The delicious heart-shaped chocolates, made of excellent quality milk chocolate and rich in delicious hazelnut cream filling are here to remind you how much you need love and… chocolate in your life.

Find LA SUISSA chocolates in all main supermarkets and selected stores.

The company LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive representative – importer of Italian chocolates LA SUISSA since 2002 and since then it distributes them in the Cyprus market with great success.

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