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Le Coq ready to drink cocktails are for you who want to enjoy exotic and exciting flavors, at the moment! Nine tasty suggestions will fascinate you and make you say out loud “Cheers”!

These ready to drink cocktails that literally have conquered whole Europe, have a cosmopolitan character and accompany us wherever we are, ready to give us moments of coolness and enjoyment at any time of the day.

Whether you are by the beach with your friends, relaxing on the terrace of your home, or enjoying the coolness of your garden accompanied with the sounds of your favorite music, a refreshing ready to drink Le Coq cocktail completes the puzzle creating the ultimate summer setting…

In the Cypriot market, Le Coq cocktails were launched in the summer of 2015 and were embraced directly due to their uniqueness, their variety and their practicality. The philosophy that we can enjoy the cocktails of our choice so simply and so easily at home and wherever we are, won over the Cypriot consumers who added Le Coq cocktails to their permanent shopping list.

The collection contains 10 unique flavors that have been selected in such way to meet the requirements of all consumers.

Mojito: Refreshing with a wonderful taste of rum, mint and lime, Le Coq’s Mojito Cocktail is ready to enjoy wherever you are.

Pina Colada: One of the most exotic cocktails which is suitable for our summer getaways but also for parties at home. With flavors of rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice offers moments of coolness and enjoyment.

Margarita: The ultimate summer cocktail in a special version. The ready to drink Margarita cocktail by Le Coq with flavors of watermelon, lime and rum is ideal to accompany our summer parties.

Blue lagoon: One of the most impressive cocktails with an intense blue color. Blue Lagoon is a tropical cocktail that combines the exotic flavors of curacao, pineapple and coconut.

T-quila Sunrise: A classic cocktail with tequila flavor, orange juice and grenadine syrup, which was originally created by a bartender who wanted to “copy” the colors of the east in the glass.

Cosmopolitan: A cocktail with a pleasant refreshing taste that is addressed to real… cosmopolitans. With cranberry, orange and lime flavor, it is ready to give you endless moments of enjoyment!

Cuba Libre: Cuba Libre has a history of over 100 years! A so simple, so classic but also so popular cocktail with flavor of rum, cola and lime, which has been loved worldwide.

Sex On the Beach: A delicious, enjoyable and extremely summery cocktail with flavors of orange, peach, cranberry and rum.

Orange Spritz: A very popular cocktail all over the world!  Ready-to-drink, refreshing, made from sparkling fruit wine and with orange flavor, LE COQ Orange Spritz is here to offer endless moments of pleasure!

TOMMY COLLINS: Α new unique cocktail with an amazing taste! Ready refreshing made from juicy gooseberries; the TOMMY COLLINS cocktail is here to give you endless moments of enjoyment.

There is no better way to “spoil” yourself and your loved ones than with the ready to drink and refreshing cocktails of Le Coq. All you have to do is to get them from the nearest supermarket and kiosk or ask for them at the bar you frequent.

LONDOU TRADING Company are the exclusive distributors of Le Coq ready to drink cocktails since 2015.

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