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Three LE COQ cocktails in… VIRGIN version!

This is LE COQ’s new series of ready to drink cocktails without alcohol…

VIRGIN cocktails are a continuation of LE COQ‘s successful ready-to-drink cocktails, beloved by consumers for their cosmopolitan character and unique flavors, which have made them the top choice among preferences!

LE COQ company, attentive to emerging market trends, took the next step, and answered the question: “What to drink when you do not drink alcohol”?

So, it identified consumers’ top three flavors and came up with the… VIRGIN version of them, aiming to the consumers who avoid alcohol, but do not want to be deprived of the wonderful taste of the unique LE COQ cocktails.

The classic and refreshing Mojito, the all-time classic Margarita with watermelon flavor and the exotic Blue Lagoon are the new, alternative proposals of LE COQ for non-alcoholic cocktails.

The three unique, ready to drink cocktails are here to make every moment special, while they are ideal, both for relaxing moments and for parties with friends, as you can enjoy them anywhere and anytime, without restriction!

Find LE COQ’s VIRGIN and all LE COQ range cocktails in selected supermarkets and shops.

LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer and distributor of LE COQ ready to drink cocktails in the Cyprus market since 2015.


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