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New delicious ready to drink LE COQ cocktails without alcohol

Two of the most popular cocktails in the world now and in alcohol-free version. They have an incredible taste and will rejuvenate you in the most enjoyable way.

It is with great pleasure that Londou Trading Ltd announces that the range of ready to drink cocktails of LE COQ is enriched even more, satisfying even the consumers who avoid alcohol.

The ready to drink cocktails of LE COQ sweep literally all over Europe, have a cosmopolitan vibe and accompany us wherever we are, giving us endless moments of refreshment and enjoyment. They are available in 8 unique flavors that satisfy the most tastes. But the company LE COQ, following the new trends, takes the next step by giving the answer to the question: “What to drink when you do not drink”?

More specifically, they create the virgin version of two of our favorite cocktails addressed to all those who for any reason avoid alcohol, however do not want to be deprived of the taste of their favorite cocktails.

The classic and refreshing Mojito and the popular Margarita are the new alternative proposals of LE COQ, which promise enjoyment without the effect of an alcoholic beverage. The new options of LE COQ belong to the category of virgin cocktails, they are tastefully, do not lag behind their originals, they are already in the Cypriot market and are ready to give us coolness, taste and to provide the solution to all those circumstances where alcohol consumption is unnecessary. And the best; They are ready to drink and you can enjoy them anywhere and anytime.

So, if you are looking for a refreshing and tasty solution to accompany your days and nights without alcohol but without being deprived of a delicious cocktail you can find Le Coq Cocktails in all the big supermarkets and kiosks.

LONDOU TRADING Company are the exclusive distributors of Le Coq ready to drink cocktails since 2015.


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