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MAISON POP CORN: The No. 1 popcorn in Europe now and in Cyprus!

LONDOU TRADING company continues to expand its successful product range by launching in the Cypriot market MAISON Pop Corn, the No1 popcorn throughout Europe.

MAISON Pop Corn, which according to the latest statistics were loved by European consumers more than any other brand in their category, are now in Cyprus. This is a top-quality product produced in France by Nataïs, the leading European popcorn company, offering a unique experience in the field of snacking.

MAISON POP CORN, is the latest product of Nataïs, was released in 2019 and in a very short time has managed to figure in the first-place popcorn in all of Europe. This is a healthy and light snack that is prepared in a microwave oven in just 2 ½ minutes!

MAISON POP CORN are made without palm oil, are a high source of fiber, are organic, and are based on sustainable farming practices, like the optimal use of resources provided by nature for the development of agriculture with the use of minimal synthetics (fertilizers, pesticides or antibiotics) in order to increase the resilience and autonomy of farms. A common goal for both Nataïs and the company’s popcorn partners is to have a more environmentally friendly approach, for a better planet, for a better tomorrow!

The French company Nataïs, which has been operating for over 25 years, has built its successful strategy on complete control of the product’s quality: from production to the final product. It is a fact that the company’s passion for quality popcorn and its thirst for innovation have ranked it among the best popcorn companies in the world.

In the Cypriot market we can find MAISON POP CORN in four different options: salt, butter, caramel and sweet flavor.

MAISON POP CORN are represented in the Cypriot market by LONDOU TRADING company and you can find them in selected supermarkets and stores.


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