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MANGO CORNY PROTEIN BAR: Delicious and healthy protein bar with the name of CORNY!

CORNY’s mango-flavored protein bars are delicious, rich in protein and without added sugar and palm oil…

The month of spring is here, the temperature is rising and along with all these changes that are taking place in nature, our eating habits are also changing. The more summer, the greater the need we have for lighter, refreshing foods, which will give us the strength and energy we need, but without burdening us with extra calories and bloating.

Somehow, we start to include more and more in our diet, in addition to salads and fruits, various healthy snacks, such as cereal and protein bars.

Mango: The… “King” of fruits

Mango is one of the most delicious fruits with many beneficial parts. Hearing the word “mango”, something distant always comes to mind, something tropical and not unjustly, since it is a fruit that comes from the countries of Asia and Africa.

Apart from being exotic and delicious, mango has a lot to offer to the human body, considering that just one mango provides almost the total daily needs of the body in vitamin C, but also vitamin A. Additionally, it is rich in many vitamins B, calcium and magnesium, while it contains a lot of fiber.  Mango is low in fat and contains very few calories, while contributing to smoother bowel function.

It is therefore a fruit – ideal for the hot days of spring and summer – with many positive qualities for our body!

What is our favorite, easy and convenient way to consume this exotic and delicious fruit? Choosing MANGO CORNY PROTEIN BARS with pieces of dried mango of course!

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