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Nutrition tips for Valentine’s Dinner

St. Valentine’s is the perfect day to share moments of love with your other half! But if you and your partner care about your figure, below you can find small and useful tips to avoid unnecessary calories or fats, but without depriving yourself of enjoyment on such an important evening.

Avoid preparing or trying dips and extra sauces. They give a nice taste to snacks or appetizers but they are the extra calories and fats we can easily avoid. An alternative dip appetizer is 3-4 tablespoons low-fat yogurt with spices such as paprika or curry. It will fit perfectly with grilled vegetables or celery and carrot sticks.

Main meal:
For the main course, prefer white meat such as chicken, salmon or seafood which are also an aphrodisiac! The secret to keeping them healthy is to cook them with olive oil or in the oven. It is advisable to avoid unnecessary fats such as butter and creams. With the right spices, the food becomes just as delicious!
We recommend Fish Au’gratin with potatoes in the oven, a healthy recipe that you can find HERE.

Prefer to add spices to your foods that help your metabolism such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, black pepper and cumin. Not only will they make your food more delicious but they will give your metabolism extra boost to maintain your weight!
Replace potatoes in your plate with regular or brown rice and steamed vegetables. Prefer the brown rice Riso Scotti Integralle Brown Rice which tastes great and could accompany your dish deliciously and healthily! Remember that in order to avoid unnecessary calories, it is good to have a balance between vegetables and protein on the plate.

“Remember that in order to avoid unnecessary calories, it is good to have a balance between vegetables and protein on the plate. “

Who can resist a yummy dessert after dinner? However, in order to avoid excessiveness and extra calories, the best thing to do is to share the dessert with your partner. This will bring you closer to your other half as well as maintain your figure.
Red is not only the color of love but also the color of fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants and vitamins that help keep the heart healthy. Replace some of your sweets or appetizers with red fruits or vegetables and you will immediately avoid calories and guilty!
We recommend a light and easy pomegranate panna cotta, which contains minimal sugar and great flavor. You can find the recipe HERE

On the side:
To accompany your wine after dinner, prefer slightly or no salted omega 3 fats such as almonds, cashews and nuts. They will perfectly accompany a good red semi-dry wine and small pieces of Pergale Dark chocolate will end your evening sweetly.

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