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OSHEE’S product range, relaunches the beloved and unique Oshee Protein Bars, in new delicious flavors for even more enjoyment.

OSHEE leads the markets in many countries, all over the world, in sports nutrition products and is one of the most recognizable product brands. It inspires and motivates for action, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Oshee Protein Bars are specifically designed to complement the increased nutritional demands of the body that occur when physical activity increases.

Oshee Protein Bars contain 26% to 27% high quality protein (Premium WPC) making them a delicious protein rich snack, low in salt and carbohydrates, with no added sugar and no added glucose – fructose syrup!

Each bar has a high-quality milk chocolate coating, and their delicious combination of flavours offer a multi-dimensional treat, making them a delicious, yet healthy, protein-rich snack.

Oshee Protein Bars are available in three delicious flavours; Peanut & Caramel, Coconut & Caramel and Vanilla flavour & Caramel.

Londou Trading became the exclusive importers and distributors of OSHEE from 2014 and since then imports and distributes OSHEE products with great success in the Cyprus market.


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