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For any athletic success, proper nutrition is an absolutely fundamental prerequisite. You know that. What you do not know is that OSHEE PROTEIN BARS can support your nutritional needs and strengthen your body with protein, vitamins and collagen, delicious and effective, since in addition to being tasty they are also extremely healthy, as they do not contain palm oil.

OSHEE PROTEIN BARS are specifically designed to complement your body’s increased dietary requirements, which occur when your physical activity is increased. OSHEE PROTEIN contains 28% – 30% high-quality protein (Premium WPC) making it a delicious snack rich in protein. Each bar has a chocolate coating and contains 33% of the recommended daily dose of vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, and B9.
Their specially designed formula effectively supports the body and enhances your endurance during physical activity while helping maintain good physical fitness.

are manufactured by OSHEE, based in Poland, a leading company that focuses on the creation and sale of a wide range of fitness and health products.

are available in three delicious flavors: Peanut butter, Chocolate, and Salted Caramel
Its branded products are designed to support you on the course and achievement of your personal goals for your exercise and also your health. To achieve this, it has developed unique nutritional concepts optimized for the best possible results.

Years of experience in the development of functional food products, guarantee that OSHEE covers your everyday needs. And because it uses only the best ingredients to create its products, it’s sure to offer you the ultimate satisfaction for your vitality and well-being.

LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer of OSHEE products since 2014 and since then it has been distributing OSHEE products successfully in the Cyprus market.

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