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OSHEE Vitamin Water Beauty

The already successful series of OSHEE Vitamin Water is further enriched with two new innovative products .

These are OSHEE Vitamin Water Beauty Rose and Lavender which specialize in enriching the body with valuable minerals and vitamins, contributing to both beauty but also maintaining good physical condition.

Enriched with selenium, zinc and vitamin A, they contribute to the maintenance of good physical condition and good health of hair and nails.
OSHEE Vitamin Water Beauty Rose and Lavender are characterized by their refined taste and soft aroma of rose and lavender, they are light and very low in calories, thus supporting in a delicious way to maintaining your figure!

Without preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors and flavourings, the new OSHEE Vitamin Water Beauty are the most natural and pleasant way to enrich your body with vitamins and minerals that help further maintain and enhance beauty.

OSHEE Vitamin Water Beauty Rose and Lavender are available in an attractive packaging of 555ml.

OSHEE products have been imported and distributed since 2014 with great success in the Cypriot market exclusively by the company LONDOU TRADING


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