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The OSHEE product range of vitamin water has been enriched even more with the new unique OSHEE VITAMIN WATER C 500 in the refreshing lemon / mint flavor.
OSHEE VITAMIN WATER C 500 consists of a specially designed formula that exceeds the body’s vitamin C needs in just one bottle. In addition to vitamin C, it is enriched with vitamins A, B6, B12, biotin and niacin, while it contains no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and flavours.
OSHEE VITAMIN WATER C 500 inspires, motivates for action, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, while at the same time strengthens the body in the most effective and refined way without containing any calories.
OSHEE is a pioneer in the markets in many countries all over the world in both Isotonic and Vitamin drinks and is one of the most recognizable brands.
LONDOU TRADING is the exclusive importer of Oshee since 2014 and since then has been distributing its products with great success in the Cypriot market.

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