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ΟΥΑΚΑΤΑ – Delicious meals in just 3 minutes!

The world-famous OYAKATA products are launching to the Cypriot market through Londou Trading company!

Londou Trading proceeded in a significant business partnership, undertaking the representation and distribution of OYAKATA products in the Cypriot market.

OYAKATA products are developed by Ajinomoto Poland, a subsidiary of the Japanese giant Ajinomoto Group, which produces spices, cooking oils, frozen foods, beverages, sweeteners and many more. AJINOMOTO in Japanese means “ULTIMATE TASTE”.

Following the above slogan, OYAKATA is offering the ultimate taste with the instant and ready to eat meals inspired by Japanese and Asian cuisine and which have Yakisoba noodles as their main ingredient. You will find them in six popular flavors, four of which come from Japanese cuisine (Beef Wasabi, Curry, Chicken Teriyaki and Japanese Classic) and the other two from the wider Asian cuisine (Pad Thai Chicken, Korean Barbecue).

They come in a very practical cup with an innovative lid, specially designed to provide convenience and ease of preparation of an ethnic, delicious meal. They are targeting people who have a particular preference for Asian flavors but also people who have a busy daily schedule and do not have time to prepare their food. OYAKATA noodles literally need only hot water and 3 minutes to prepare! In addition, each package contains a liquid sauce, which is poured into the noodles and gives to the meals a special aroma of spices and herbs. To their advantages are added the economic price but also their long expiration date.

You can find OYAKATA products in all major hypermarkets and supermarkets.


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