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Pergale: It’s all about chocolate

Who can resist the sweetness of chocolate? And when you get to know Pergale you will not be able to say no, because apart from them being high quality chocolates they are also delicious! With a history of almost an entire century, Pergale chocolates will seduce your sense of taste.

History on parchments
Pergale has been writing its own success story since 1922, when the first sweet factory in Lithuania was created. Since then, the industry has grown gradually and produced chocolate not only for local consumption, but has also opened its wings to international markets resulting in exporting to more than 35 countries with tremendous success.

Higher quality
Quality has always been Vilniaus Pergalė’s No.1 goal. That’s why they are always looking for excellent raw materials and ingredients that stand out for their aroma and taste, resulting in the creation of the finest chocolate collection. Authentic recipes that have been preserved since the creation of Vilniaus Pergalė as a highly guarded secret, along with years of experience and superior technology, brings to the store shelves chocolates in tablets so they can amaze you.

Healthy dark chocolates are the most common form for all lovers of their sweet taste. But because at Pergalė the passion for chocolate never ends, in addition to the classic dark chocolates, they experiment with other original flavors. You will discover Pergalė Dark with mango and orange filling that you will love from the first try. Among the most delicious combinations are Pergalė Dark cranberry and Pergalė Dark hazelnut, flavors that impress even the most refined palates. Very healthy versions of them are Pergale Dark and Pergale with 72% dark chocolate. In the collection, you will also find Pergale Milk Crispy Caramel and Salt that you can’t get enough of it, but also the new entrance, Pergale Dark Greek Yogurt with pure yogurt and delicious taste!

Chocolates in Gift Boxes
Chocolates in gift boxes are all the more appealing to offer to your loved ones on holidays and all year long! Pergalė chocolates, with dark chocolate and milk chocolate, light creamy filling with nuts, berries and caramel, will be the most welcome gift!

Pergale chocolates have been successfully imported and distributed in the Cyprus market by LONDOU TRADING since 2017 .

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