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Platres Football Festival 2019

Our company LONDOU TRADING in the framework of its social responsibility with emphasis always in sport with great pleasure announces that its products CORNY cereal bars have been a Main Sponsor of the seventh PLATRES FOOTBALL FESTIVAL tournament to be held in Platres from 1/6/2019 until 30/6/2019.
CORNY cereal bars with 14 years of presence in the Cyprus market have been loved by children and adults. They are made of cereals, fruits and nuts of the highest quality. They fully respond to a healthy diet, because they are rich in vitamins, trace elements and fiber and are the ideal suggestion for maintaining the silhouette, since they are low in fat and calories. CORNY cereal bars are a delicious healthy snack with unique flavors and are an excellent natural energy source for all times of the day.
The PLATRES FOOTBALL FESTIVAL lasted five weekends. It is the second largest football tournament in Cyprus. It started in 2013 with 27 teams, while this year the teams have increased to 190! In this tournament, which is now an institution since it is the seventh year that it takes place, more than 3000 children participated with dates of birth from 2006 until 2012, additionally about 4000 parents attended.

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