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RISO SCOTTI Oat Cocoa and Rice Coconut

RISO SCOTTI vegetal drinks are constantly gaining ground in the Cypriot market, with their range expanding even more. RISO SCOTTI Oat Cocoa and RISO SCOTTI Rice Coconut are the two new arrivals that came to offer more enjoyment and satisfy an even larger portion of consumers.

RISO SCOTTI Oat Cocoa is an organic, 100% vegetal oat milk drink enriched with cocoa and rich in calcium. It is a tasty and easily digestible drink without added sugar, with agave syrup and with low fat. Thanks to its fiber, it causes the feeling of fullness and is an excellent alternative for those who avoid milk, those who are lactose intolerant and vegetarians. Ideal as a hot or cold drink, it can combined with cereals and can be used in confectionery. In 100ml it gives only 53 calories.

RISO SCOTTI Rice Coconut promises health and wellness every day. This is a delicious rice drink combined with the refreshing taste of coconut. RISO SCOTTI Rice Coconut can be consumed during breakfast, but also used in recipes with excellent results. RISO SCOTTI Rice Coconut is an organic, 100% vegetal drink, gluten free and lactose free, which in 100ml gives only 72 calories.

The advantages of RISO SCOTTI vegetal drinks are many. Their taste, variety of flavors, very low fat content and the source of calcium that characterizes them, they have long ranked RISO SCOTTI vegetal milk in the preferences of consumers. In addition, RISO SCOTTI drinks are a favorite choice for all those who avoid milk.

Riso Scotti Vegetal Drinks are successfully imported and distributed in the Cypriot market exclusively by LONDOU TRADING Ltd.


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