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Riso Scotti – Organic Vegetal Drinks

If maintaining your figure is your priority or if you suffer from lactose intolerance, then the organic drinks of the Italian company Riso Scotti will solve any problem you may have, deliciously and nutritiously. Based on rice, oat and almonds Riso Scotti does not contain cow’s milk proteins and is therefore also suitable in cases of lactose intolerance. You can enjoy them on their own or in your coffee, tea or cereal, and you will get their whole nutritional value in a light beverage. You can also use them as an ingredient in your recipes for sauces, puddings, creams and light desserts. Even during fasting, since they contain no animal fats.

Riso Scotti – Rice Original If you want a light and easily digestible drink, then Rice Original, is the ideal solution for a healthy and balanced diet. And the most important? It only has 61 calories in 100ml and 0,9 grams of fat. You can enjoy it as a drink at breakfast or in your coffee tea or cereal.

Riso Scotti – Rice Calcium When you need to enrich your diet with extra calcium, then Rice Calcium is the ideal solution. Without added sugar, it’s the ideal for those that suffer from lactose intolerance. With a glass of Calcium (200ml) you get the 15% of daily recommended dose of calcium, and only 1,8 grams fat. And the most important, 100ml only has 61 calories.

Riso Scotti – Oat Drink And if you’re a fan of cereal, then Riso Scotti’s Oat drink is the ideal choice. With a pleasant taste and no added sugar, this nutritionally balanced organic oat drink will surprise you with its pleasant taste. And the most important; In 100ml it gives only 53 calories.

Riso Scotti – Oat Cocoa Do you like chocolate drinks but avoid them because you are lactose intolerant? Then Riso Scotti Oat Cocoa is a choice for you. 100% vegetal drink based on rice and coconut My Smilky is a rich source of calcium and protein similar to cow’s milk. All you have to do is pour it in the glass and enjoy it. This is a 100% vegetal oat drink enriched with cocoa, without lactose and without sugar. With 100 ml Riso Scotti Oat Cocoa you get 15% of the calcium you need in a day and only 1.4 grams of fat. At 100 ml it gives only 53 calories.

Riso Scotti – Almond Original If you like sweeter drinks but you are thinking about the extra calories then RISO SCOTTI ALMOND ORIGINAL is an ideal choice for you, as in 100ml it contains only 24 calories. This is a 100% vegetal almond drink low in fat, lactose free, gluten free and with a delicious taste! It supports a balanced diet in the best way and is ideal for those who avoid milk, for those who are vegetarians and for those who are fasting.

Riso Scotti – Almond Unsweetened If you want something delicious but sugar-free, then a glass of Riso Scotti Almond Unsweetened will excite you. This 100% organic drink is an ideal choice for those who enjoy healthy eating and maintaining your figure are in your priorities. Note: With a glass of Riso Scotti (200 ml) you only get 52 calories. You can enjoy it on its own as a beverage, in your cereal, in your coffee or even in cooking and confectionary.

Riso Scotti- Rice Coconut A delicious rice drink that is combined with the refreshing taste of coconut. Riso Scotti Rice Coconut can be consumed during breakfast, but also used in recipes with excellent results. Riso Scotti Rice Coconut is an organic, 100% vegetal drink, gluten free and lactose free, which in 100ml gives 72 calories.

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