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Riso Scotti Vital Soya Drink

The Riso Scotti range of organic beverages is further enriched with Riso Scotti Vital Soya Drink.

Riso Vital soy bean Drink is a nutritionally balanced beverage made from Italian soy, is gluten-free enriched with calcium, vitamins and low in brown sugar. It is an excellent source of plant protein and most importantly at 100ml it gives just 45 calories!

Riso Vital vegetal soy drink is an ideal beverage for a healthy diet since all the benefits of soy are included in it.
It gives flavor energy and vitamins to the morning start or at any time of the day. It can be used on its own as a beverage, as well as in coffee, tea and cereals.. It can also be used with excellent results in recipes, for sauces, puddings, creams and light pastries.
Riso Scotti’s Soya Drink is an ideal alternative for people with lactose intolerance, vegetarians and fasting.

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