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ROCKY RICE BAR- With respect to humans and the environment.

Most of you are already familiar with ROCKY RICE rice bars for both their taste and their quality. What you may not know is that by consuming your favorite Rocky Rice at the same time you are participating in the noble effort of UTZ.

UTZ is a certified program that ensures that the product that reaches the hands of the consumer has been produced by methods that respect both humans and the natural environment. The UTZ program is part of the Rainforest Alliance – an international organization working to protect forests, improve farmers’ livelihoods and promote their human rights!

To certify a product with UTZ, the raw materials must come from producers who adhere to ethical rules regarding both crops (minimal or recorded use of chemicals to protect production, integrated water management systems) and human resources, which is involved in the cultivation and production of coffee. It is worth noting that growers who are certified with the UTZ program and their families have access to health care, education, while in the workplace discrimination is prohibited, as well as child labor.

So, it is good to know that when choosing UTZ certified products you are helping to build a better future! This philosophy is shared by Benlian, where responsibility for the environment and society is paramount. ROCKY RICE rice bars certified with UTZ are of the company Benlian, whose products have been embraced by the Cypriot consumers. ROCKY RICE rice bars are made from brown rice, are gluten free, rich in fiber and very low in calories.

BENLIAN products are represented in the Cypriot market by LONDOU TRADING and you will find them in selected stores and supermarkets.

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