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Quick, delicious and healthy snacks with BENLIAN RICE CAKES

It is a fact that the modern rhythm of everyday life requires quick and easy snacks that will give us the necessary energy we need during the day, as well as the deliciousness we are looking for. Benlian’s Rice Cakes made from brown rice and low in calories are the perfect base to create easy, quick and delicious snacks with endless flavor combinations!

What ingredients can you combine a rice cake with for a delicious and healthy result? Here are 4 sweet and 4 savory combinations you can enjoy, in no time!

8 ideas for quick and delicious rice cake snacks:

1 rice cake + 1 tablespoon of peanut butter + 1/2 sliced banana

1 rice cake + 1 spoonful of cream cheese + 1 spoonful of cream cheese + sliced strawberries

1 rice cake + 1 spoonful of yoghurt + pomegranate

1 rice cake + 1 spoonful of peanut butter + dark chocolate drops

1 rice cake + 1 egg cut into slices

1 rice cake + 1 spoonful of tuna with a little lemon + pickle slices

1 rice cake + 1 spoonful of cream cheese + some sliced pepper

1 rice cake + 1 spoonful of cottage cheese + sliced cherry tomatoes

Benlian rice cakes do not contain gluten and with their rich taste and unique fluffy and crispy texture, they can even replace bread, reducing even more the calories you consume daily.

They are the ideal snack for all hours of the day, while supporting a balanced diet in the most delicious and healthy way!

BENLIAN RICE CAKES are available in 5 unique flavors: Natural Rice flavor, Sesame–Salt, Flax–Sunflower, Chia–Quinoa and Popcorn.

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