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TAKIS: This is the new hot trend in snacks!

Do you think you could stand a bite of the crunchy TAKIS rolled tortillas? Think twice since they are not the usual corn chips but a snack made from hot spices specifically for the brave, the daring, and the strong ones. TAKIS are for those who endure and take that…as a warning!

Directly from Spain they have conquered every corner of the earth. These are crunchy, spicy, rolled tortillas that fascinate with their cylinder shape and their incredible taste! A famous snack that is a challenge for many, a snack that made noise and became a food trend on all social media. It’s no exaggeration to say that TAKIS is a snack unique in its kind, something that certainly played a role in spreading all over the planet.

It was a natural consequence for TAKIS to come to Cyprus, to turn the snacks world upside-down and to offer a unique explosive taste experience to all spicy lovers and for those who are looking something different…

If you are a lover of spicy, then the hot tortillas in the shape of a cylinder: TAKIS FUEGO with hot chili pepper and lime flavor, TAKIS NINJA TERIYAKI with unique hot chili pepper and Teriyaki flavor and TAKIS XTRA HOT with “extra” hot chili pepper flavor, they are ideal choices to delight your palate in the most unique, TAKIS way! Try the explosive TAKIS with your drink or even in your recipes.
Will you dare it?

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